Friday, 25 September 2009

+++ Christmas Trees

I found some Christmas Tree charts when I was googling in the web:

1) I just registered to Carole's Sampler de Noël 2009
Her site is in French but you can send her an e-mail to get your part 1 (English is OK!)
I can't wait to start this tree~~~~!

2) I fall in love this chart when I saw lovely Birds' Tree in the Xhaftx's blog then I tried to contact her via e-mail however I could not find her mail address on her blog, because Google translation function was not enough to me. I just left comment (in English) I hope I could get her reply....

3) One more tree from mimie's blog Noël Quaker, this is freebie chart.
She also has some free charts.

I am thinking to start the Carole's Sampler de Noël 2009 first, then Noël Quaker and if I get reach Xhaftx, I could have Birds' Tree as well. Hope I could get some more stitch time in this autumn time.

Happy stitching! xxx Sagami

Sunday, 20 September 2009

+++ Little Amager Chart (Needleprint)

I competed this Little Amager Chart (from Needleprint Free chart) last weekend.
I was thinking I want to stitch Christmas one (yes, I am doing EMS SAL and another one as well), but I want to put small frame next to my a 6 mains frame. So I have done, and think about one more mono-color quaker small chart I should have it....
then I will do start Christmas thingy.