Monday, 28 February 2011

+++ Tea Time & Olga & Bolis

Hello everyone,

Since last post, I have completed Emmanuelle's Tea Timechart

And Paulette's chart:

I have done both Cat and Dog then still look for the frames for these lovely animals.
If you have any good frame idea, let me know please?
I wanna kinda rustic one, but could not find any good one.....
Olga & Boris
Paulette's sample one was very nice, and found that was from family tree frames in Crescent Colours. Somebody knows how do I get it?

And also I saw my daughter's costume for Book character's day! She wants to be Alice from Alice in wonderland!!!
I spoke with her and we decided to wear school summer dress with white Alice's Apron, very much lacy and frilled...

Here it is the apron I made for her!!

Took 4 hours that was worthy because she really loves it!!

But this apron reminds me - Maid in Akihabara (Tokyo) haha.....
Anyway, this was very cute and I look forward to see her in school with other costumed friends!

One more also...

I have received Monique Lyonnet's new book from Amazon France. This is a lots of red and white textiles charts in the book. I really love it!