Sunday, 21 February 2010

+++ Emma's Rose (2) February 2010

I have finished part III in this weekend, because I have been two days off for children's half term holiday.
Weather was not permitting to go out so we had to stay at home, playing Wii and other things.......

I kept doing stitching, watch "HOUSE" season 2 (DVD), play Wii (Sports Resort), then stitching.

Good half term! ^^;

Sunday, 14 February 2010

+++ Emma's Rose (1) February 2010

My progress of Emma's Rose for the first week:

I really am keen to see the frame, so very concentrated to stitch it.
Emma's Rose 2

Usually, I did put some additional material like beads at finishing touch, however I could not resist to try to put on some beads on it... I am using Mill Hill Seeds Beads on her necklace. That was lovely!

Emma's Rose 1

Thursday, 11 February 2010

+++ Candles (photo)!

I found she left a comment at my Candle post, that was she wanted to quote my photo on her blog. I was so surprised and pleased and told her "of course!!" then yesterday I have found the post "Des photos, des photos, des photos…".

I shouted to my hubby! "it's my photo in French blog!!!!!!!!!!"
however he was not understanding my excitement, yet, but he replied
"can you read French?? I wonder...."

I told him "Dir, of course, I know your French is better than mine, that's why I asked you to read!"

Many thanks Chris!!!
Lovely posting.

And I have started new SAL, The Gift of Stitching's this month's feature - "Emma's Rose" by Brooke Nolan

I was just falling love with this little girl and found some threads in my sawing box and ordered some beads!
Looking forward to stitch the girl and cat!