Friday, 29 January 2010

+++ Kreuzstich (GERMAN) books

I have received two cross stitch charts book in this week. When I was searching some new charts in the net, I found these at Japanese magazine shop site mag-mart. English or other language magazine (or books) are very expensive in Japan, but I think I shall order at Amazons (UK, FR, DE).
Then I ordered a week ago. Of course I can not read GERMAN, but I can read the "CHART" ;-> and was wondering if there is lots GERMAN words in the book, my invest will be wasting my money....
Fortunately, these ones are all charts!!

I was so so so lucky!!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

+++ Lo How Rose (4)

Finally, I have completed Lo How Rose sampler!!! yes, I have done it last year,
even I could not finish until 25 December....
Anyway, I could think about next project.....

Maybe Mary Rose, Mary Wignham, or EMS Advent, it is hard to pick up.