Thursday, 31 March 2011

+++ Bake Sale for Japan

Chocolate Cake

After big quake in Japan 11th March, I could not sleep well for a while.... because my uncles and aunties' family, cousins in Fukushima. Some days later I have found all my uncles and aunties families, cousins are OK, but they did not have enough life line at all then following Monday, they have had water and Friday got electricity finally. I thought they were very lucky, and we really really thanked God.

After I found they've been OK, still being upset to watch TV and read internet news because I could not help them, and I could not find to do anything for them. Everyday just praying and pray, pray......

But when I was baking for school charity cake sale for British Red Nose day (Comic relief found raising), I have got an idea finally, "I could bake to sell and donate that money for them."


Soon, I established Just giving page:
Bake sale for Japan
and have had a bake sale at office then sold cakes and received some whole cake order, Yeh!

Curly Whirly Cake

Now, I have reached GBP 280.00 and still have some orders to sell.

Thanks everyone to help me.
I will keep running... for my beautiful country Japan.

This post for not cross stitch works but for my record....

Monday, 28 February 2011

+++ Tea Time & Olga & Bolis

Hello everyone,

Since last post, I have completed Emmanuelle's Tea Timechart

And Paulette's chart:

I have done both Cat and Dog then still look for the frames for these lovely animals.
If you have any good frame idea, let me know please?
I wanna kinda rustic one, but could not find any good one.....
Olga & Boris
Paulette's sample one was very nice, and found that was from family tree frames in Crescent Colours. Somebody knows how do I get it?

And also I saw my daughter's costume for Book character's day! She wants to be Alice from Alice in wonderland!!!
I spoke with her and we decided to wear school summer dress with white Alice's Apron, very much lacy and frilled...

Here it is the apron I made for her!!

Took 4 hours that was worthy because she really loves it!!

But this apron reminds me - Maid in Akihabara (Tokyo) haha.....
Anyway, this was very cute and I look forward to see her in school with other costumed friends!

One more also...

I have received Monique Lyonnet's new book from Amazon France. This is a lots of red and white textiles charts in the book. I really love it!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

+++ Tea Time ( two another charts)

Tea time à pois

When I found this charm, I was shocked because so pretty and I used to have red and white spots pot in my kitchen!
And I emailed her to get the Tea time à pois charts. Fortunately, Emmanuelle was happy to give me a chart and I just started to stitch them. However, there were some one over one stitch and I choose 32ct linen..... that was quite hard to stitch small bits.

nine teapots
And I got another pots charts from Chris who designed my favorite chart candles. She has had some free charts in her site. I really want to stitch all of them. I love her taste so much! Can't wait to see another her design.

Hope you may like them!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

+++ The Olga

The Olga

This is the Olga from Plum streets samplers's Paulette design. I was falling love with her at the first met and started stitching from the beginning October.... yes, I was planning to finish until Halloween, but I could not make it.
However I was lucky enough to find her companion 'the Boris' (dog)! will wait forTheresa is packing them to me.

I think I will be ready to the next Halloween..... ;->

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

+++ oursons en cœur (bears in heart shape)

Hi everyone!

I have been very busy for work and household thingy in this summer, and
could not make a time to stitch, and
also I did not want to touch my "tea time" stitches, don't know why.
But then,I found Isabelle' s this free chart few month ago via Japanese stitcher's blog. I could not resist to stitch them... because Hannah (my daughter) beautifully coloring and made her story with these bears!

I think my stitching time has come back!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

+++ Tea Time

Tea Time

Finally, I have started to stitch the "Tea time" from the magazine "le style anglais" for 2 weeks, because I've been very busy.
Hope I could have a time to stitch, but I really need to know how to manage a lots of coulors of threads, because so easy to confuse the coulors and numbers.
Can somebody tell me how to manage many different colours, please?

Are you using this kinda cards?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

+++ Emma's Rose (4) April 2010

Emma's Rose

Finally, I have completed the "Emma's Rose" on the last day of March.
I was not satisfied the face of Emma.. because she was not smiling and has got ugly nose in it.
I did not like my finishing on her face, that reminded me more more practicing and stitching.
I really found stitching was not coloring, so have to practice to draw with threads.
It will not be easy, so my challenge will be continued.....

Next my project:
Because I won the back number of French Stitching magazine "DE FIL EN AIGUILLE" on eBay -
DE FIL EN AIGUILLE has discontinued already, I really was disappointed when I heard that news.
I was so lucky to find this magazine, and that issued January 2009, and said
"LE STYLE ANGLAIS" (English Style)
It has got 30 creations (said "made in England") lol
Really like Cath Kidston spiritual items, very much English- ish!! lol

le style Anglais

Of course, I was inspired by some "English style" tea time charts, so I will combine some tea cups and
teapot design in "French style":
Tea Time

I am still thinking about the fablic and threads...
Will let you know as soon as I found them.
Happy stitching and see you soon!!

Sagami xxx