Wednesday, 20 October 2010

+++ oursons en cœur (bears in heart shape)

Hi everyone!

I have been very busy for work and household thingy in this summer, and
could not make a time to stitch, and
also I did not want to touch my "tea time" stitches, don't know why.
But then,I found Isabelle' s this free chart few month ago via Japanese stitcher's blog. I could not resist to stitch them... because Hannah (my daughter) beautifully coloring and made her story with these bears!

I think my stitching time has come back!

1 comment:

  1. Sagami, glad to see you back! Hope you got a lot accomplished during the summer and that the weather was good.

    I love your French bears design. It reminds me of little gummy bears. It's cute that your daughter has a story for the bears!

    Can't wait to see your how you finish it. Good luck with your Tea Time stitches when you get back to it.