Tuesday, 18 May 2010

+++ Tea Time

Tea Time

Finally, I have started to stitch the "Tea time" from the magazine "le style anglais" for 2 weeks, because I've been very busy.
Hope I could have a time to stitch, but I really need to know how to manage a lots of coulors of threads, because so easy to confuse the coulors and numbers.
Can somebody tell me how to manage many different colours, please?

Are you using this kinda cards?


  1. I keep my threads in plastic bags with the numbers written on the front. I keep them all on an "O" ring. This way I always have them neatly kept and accessible. I keep the cut pieces in the same bag. I use a piece of felt with wide tape down the middle and use removeable labels,down the middle of the tape, with the number and symbol to keep working needles ready. I always keep threads with several colors ready, so I don't have to stop all the time to thread needles.

  2. I think Kate has a great idea for keeping your threads separated by color.

    And her idea about having several needles ready with different colors is great if you don't want to 'stop and go' with your stitching.

    I love your progress so far! What count and color linen are you using?

    Can't wait to see more ;)

  3. Hi Kate,

    Many thanks for your advise!! will try to ziplock bag with O-ring, that was nice idea!

    Hi Rachel,

    I am using 32ct, Belfast, Antique Ivory.
    will keep stitching!!
    Happy stitching to you too.

  4. Sagami,

    Thanks for your comments on my biscornu! I haven't watched Nodame. I'll have to look out for it ;)

    I love your thread and linen for the Tea Time. It looks gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!