Sunday, 4 April 2010

+++ Emma's Rose (4) April 2010

Emma's Rose

Finally, I have completed the "Emma's Rose" on the last day of March.
I was not satisfied the face of Emma.. because she was not smiling and has got ugly nose in it.
I did not like my finishing on her face, that reminded me more more practicing and stitching.
I really found stitching was not coloring, so have to practice to draw with threads.
It will not be easy, so my challenge will be continued.....

Next my project:
Because I won the back number of French Stitching magazine "DE FIL EN AIGUILLE" on eBay -
DE FIL EN AIGUILLE has discontinued already, I really was disappointed when I heard that news.
I was so lucky to find this magazine, and that issued January 2009, and said
"LE STYLE ANGLAIS" (English Style)
It has got 30 creations (said "made in England") lol
Really like Cath Kidston spiritual items, very much English- ish!! lol

le style Anglais

Of course, I was inspired by some "English style" tea time charts, so I will combine some tea cups and
teapot design in "French style":
Tea Time

I am still thinking about the fablic and threads...
Will let you know as soon as I found them.
Happy stitching and see you soon!!

Sagami xxx


  1. Sagami, enjoy your magazine. Last year I have luck, I bought 12 numbers for € 15,00. They look like new and I was very happy herewith.
    I like your tea sampler and looking forward what you make.
    Regards from Riet

  2. Congrats on your finish of Emma. How are you going to 'finish' it? Are you going to have it framed?

    I love De Fil en Aiguille magazine. It is a pity that is has been discontinued. I bought alot of issues from Violarium online.

    LOL I have that 'Made in England' issue. It has some cute designs! Good luck with your tea patterns ^___^

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! No, I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland yet. I have feeling I won't see until it comes out on DVD.