Monday, 28 February 2011

+++ Tea Time & Olga & Bolis

Hello everyone,

Since last post, I have completed Emmanuelle's Tea Timechart

And Paulette's chart:

I have done both Cat and Dog then still look for the frames for these lovely animals.
If you have any good frame idea, let me know please?
I wanna kinda rustic one, but could not find any good one.....
Olga & Boris
Paulette's sample one was very nice, and found that was from family tree frames in Crescent Colours. Somebody knows how do I get it?

And also I saw my daughter's costume for Book character's day! She wants to be Alice from Alice in wonderland!!!
I spoke with her and we decided to wear school summer dress with white Alice's Apron, very much lacy and frilled...

Here it is the apron I made for her!!

Took 4 hours that was worthy because she really loves it!!

But this apron reminds me - Maid in Akihabara (Tokyo) haha.....
Anyway, this was very cute and I look forward to see her in school with other costumed friends!

One more also...

I have received Monique Lyonnet's new book from Amazon France. This is a lots of red and white textiles charts in the book. I really love it!


  1. Sagami,

    You have been quite busy! Your cross stitch designs look lovely. To answer your question, since Crescent Colours only sells wholesale you will have to ask your local needlework shop to order the frames. You might want to look into in the US and see if she carries them and you don't mind buying for the shipping costs. I'm not sure what shops are in the UK.

    Your daughter's costume is cute! The apron is lovely ;) I'm sure she had fun at school.

    That new book looks interesting! I can't wait to see what you stitch out of it ;)

    Have a great week. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Tokyo!

  2. Sagami,

    Hi! The Sherlock Holmes in Japan book was ok. It was more of a monograph as it wasn't a huge book at all, maybe 40 or 50 pages. It talked about the history of Sherlock Holmes in Japan. When the stories were translated in Japanese during the Victorian period. How the culture of Holmes is still seen in Japanese culture with TV dramas and anime series. It also had a list of the story titles in Japanese.

    It also talked about the Sherlock Holmes society in Japan and the exhibitions they put on in Japan on the subject of Holmes.

    It was ok. I was hoping for a bigger book and more information ;)