Thursday, 16 April 2009

+++ Aury's Giraffe

I was googling and have just found the site called 'Acerca del bordado…' that is Aury's Blog. I downloaded her freebie giraffe chart that was quaker style animal, I really love it.

Hannah keeps asking me ' where's his eyes? ears?' She was giggling when I answered 'He has not eyes and ears, this is just kind of silhouette with pattern', but she still wants to put some eyes on it.
Before my giraffe got eyes, I put it on the frame.

with Zweigart 28 ct Linen
Thread: Weeks Dye Works No.2274 (Romance), DMC No. 3779
<12 April 2009>

Happy Stitching!

Sagami xxx


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  2. Hi CarolR,

    Thanks for your commnet!! This was very cute quaker giraffe. And I was very glad to find you are UK memeber in Quaker Inspired!! Actually, I am still a beginner at stitchings let me know if you have loverly quaker charts!
    Cheers! Sagami x