Tuesday, 26 May 2009

+++ A Cross-Stitch CHRISTMAS (Better Homes and Gardens 2001)

I was NOT disappointed this book at all,
'Cos I have been dreaming have it :-> this was very beautiful and perfect condition!!!
I really really thank [J]-chan for receiving at her office.
I have been searching it for 3 months, and found this at Amazon.com only $3.99! This was real sale!

This will be my next project,

and this will be next after next....

But I still have a lot charts that I want to work.


  1. Sagami, what a nice work you started. Maybe I order the book to, I look at Amazon and I see some books for $ 0,15?? That's very cheep for such a nice book. When I have more time, I take a better look.
    Regards from Riet

  2. Hi Riet,

    I strongly recommend it to you! This is very good for the Christmas decoration, you still have some time:->
    And I found the price in the Amazon, too!!! it was very cheap, I was so surprised, because when I was looking for this book, the cost was over $30.00 or even over $100.00 they listed!
    I hope you could get good one! xxx