Wednesday, 13 May 2009

+++ Quaker a 6 Mains

This was my Quaker a 6 Mains progress (week 2), and has been posted to Quaker Inspired also.
You could read that I've just started to use plastic square frame for this project, I found this was really easy to handle it. then was so surprised because I thought wooden hoop was the best, but plastic one was very easy to hold and very fabric adjustable.


And I've got another surprise....
I was really lucky last night, I finally finally, had ordered (Better Homes and Gardens) A Cross-Stitch Christmas: Celebrations in Stitches at, only $3.99!!
I have been keen to have it because I really love and want to have the chart "Lo how rose (this link was Leah's work). When I found this was $3.99, I could not resist it to order, because I found that ebay priced around $100 before, then I rang my friend [J] to ask her to receive it for me.
I hope the chart in the book I bought, was no damage...
I am really looking forward to see that!
Many thanks, J-chan!

Love x


  1. Hi there! I noticed your post on Quaker Inspired and followed the link to your blog. Your work i sbeautiful and it's uncanny-- I have a Quaker a la 6 mains hanging around partially stitched (I'm ding mine on pink in rose and green) and I've really wanted to start the EMS Rose smapler too. I love the blue you are using for yours. :) Apparently we have ver similar stitching tastes.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your comment! I was very pleased to read somebody left the comment, thanks again!!

    I will go to yours and have a look your work!